About Spudooli and the Coopers

So what in the heck is all this?

This is the website of Dave, Gabriel, Sarah and Alice Cooper. But mostly Dave's because he's the only one that adds any content. They all live in supreme happiness and contentedness in North Shore City, New Zealand.

This about page explains some things. And of course is written in the obligatory third person that all "about" pages seem to be written in.

Who is Dave, Gabriel, Sarah and Alice Cooper

Dave works for a mixed media production company, where he is the Technical Director.

Gabriel is a professional Wife and Mother and she is bloody excellent at both. The rest of the family doesn't know how lucky they are.

Sarah is 19 and smarter than the average bear. Unfortunately she has inherited her fathers physical prowess and so is a complete retard at anything requiring control or skill with her body.

Alice is 16, blond and mostly still cute. She is also smarter than the average bear, although thinks mushrooms are really called mushelooms. Her parents are not sure how to tell her the truth about that one.

What does Spudooli mean?

Some time in the long forgotten past, Gabriel changed the word spuds into spudooli's. The word has stuck with us ever since and potatos will never be the same again. There was some contention about the fact it was a Cooper engineered word by Brandon. However he was never able to provide documentary proof that there was prior art so his complaint was dismissed contemptuously. When it came time to buy a domain name for this website, all the other names had been taken of course, so Dave used Spudooli instead.

Hardware, software and other equipment used to bring you this site

The web site is hosted at the Coopers home, in the office, under the desk. The server is an old Celeron 450 with 750MB RAM and an 80GB disk, running Debian Etch. The photoblog part is running on PixelPost. The Gallery is running a hacked version of Selectapix, but Dave wouldn't recommend it as it's shite (actually from a functionality stand point, it's great, best around. from a hackability perspective, it's written in a very tough manner). The House section is brought to you by a bunch of custom PHP scripts written by Dave. The hardware to automate the house is provided primarily by HomeVision, and a bunch of home brewed electronics. Power monitoring is provided by a Brand Electronics One Meter. Dave makes photo's with a Nikon D70, 18-70mm AF-S Nikkor, 80-200mm AF-G Nikkor and a 50mm F1.8 Nikkor lens and an SB-800 Speedlight. Deficiencies in photography skill by Dave are smeared over with equally poor Photoshop CS skills.

Awards, Press and General FIGJAM

This site was nominated for and then ultimately awarded the 2006 Photobloggie for "Best Australian / New Zealand Photoblog". Dave is immensly proud and honored to be listed on the same web page as those other real photoblogs.

In May 2006 this photoblog managed to get as high as Number 10 on the Photoblogs.org Hot Photoblogs list. In Sept 2006, it briefly made postion 97, only to flciker back to insignificance not long after.

Also in May 2006, the photoblog was written about in the local community paper The Aucklander.

The website (in part) was the subject in an article in Tone Magazine (issue 52). In that article was the following quote:

Spudooli is a great photoblog. The photos are lovely observances of daily life, and the stories Dave tells show the person behind the pixels.
Derek Powazek, JPG Magazine

Photoblog Roll and Links

If you would like to be included in this list to get some link love, it's simple, just contact Dave and pay some money into his bank account. Dave is widely known to be as shallow as a puddle and will link to just about any crap for cash

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