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A Netconcepts ReunionIt's a treeNew Zealand or Chinese Garlic, I ask you?You should see where I am. NZ is just beautifulI figured out why I hate commutingA guy walked into the cubicle next to meThe internet is backwardsProtecting our lifestream for my loin fruit's loin fruit15 seconds of post-processingCount the things you have that money can't buyCavorting babes on the holodeckI've only ever heard of the ministry position?I love carbohydrate, perhaps not as much as that guyJust put in in your mouth insteadAuthors that write footnotes can kiss my arseOnly 2 people on the planet call me DadApparently, I have a penis bone...I can tie a bowline in the bedroom, but not on a boatWhat's the opposite of yellow?If you've ever bought Kraft Mac n cheese, listen upI'm not so sure about having sex with my Mother-In-Law...I've watched the flashing cursor for 15 minutesWhich came first, the thumb or the space bar?What's more important to a man, love or lunch?I have found the cause of global warming, and it is YouTubeMe and Gabba suffer a virus for New Years EveHow hairy is your schmekel?It's going to bloody rain tomorrowOnly if we shave the pig firstWhat happens if you break the person you are photographing?Answering a question with a questionOrder the fish and get lucky 5 nights in a rowI have 5 pairs of shoes serving in active dutyEver had a meal that was only potatoes?Course 5 was the lemon and lime sorbetWhy don't you join us?If this is as good as it gets, then SHITI've been alive 14,606 days todayOh yeah, summer is on the wayThe mother-in-law is in the houseIn the audio arms race, I will kick their little arsesCould I launch my mother-in-law into space?I think we made a mistake leaving Wellington to live in AucklandToday I drove a golf ball and 4 different BMWsI've invented a new sex positionA Black Power member at a Mongrel Mob partyI'll live my life my way, thanksWant to borrow my sound trigger?Yes, they do leave the flags in over nightWhat's happened in the last 25 years?A case of Epic beer to the first person...Why is there no dessert meats?Think of blue and you'll stop hiccupingTonight I'm well in the mood for itI'm not in the mood for it!No matter how boozed I am...Hey kids, I'll buy you anything you want, even a Nintendo DSYep, still an amatuerWhen do kids stop being so sticky?Go down you bastardRevealed: Whales are the cause of CO2 buildup and rising sea levels!Can you dig half a hole?Bugger me with a blunt market vegetable, I'm stupid!I don't do high fivesBig yellow diggerChicken and fatI'd rather be chasing hot single momsThe chicken was a little toughBored, Bored, Bored. Gerald I'm boredMy sphincter was clenching like a crazy thingI've taken my earrings off, just in case!Auckland city lightsI never really wanted to be an Olympic gymnastAsk is still pantsSpinning a bananaYou want more hop ons, you want more hop onsHow long does it take to catch Scurvy?Think about my naked body on 500 count sheetsThe noise, the smell and the fearPerhaps one of your computer gooks can help meBeer is cheaper at the zoo than the casinoGannets coming homeA complete ripoff follows critical acclaimEat a low fat diet and get some exerciseNew Zealand is NOT AustraliaMilford beach at nightWhere the hell is my Christmas card?Islands in the stream, that is what we areWe've moved house, closer to the south poleSome parents have no idea, according to GabbaYou fat bastardC'est sensationnelThis one's for GrandmaIs there such a thing as an Undie Comet?Roller skates with wooden wheels Jersey Benne potatoes are reason 78,627I'm so so so so so so so so so sorryI think I'm starting to lose itI have a hole in my sockGot nothing to do all day?This time I take a bodyguardI need someone to protect me from the spooksIt's so totally random and coolI'm a big chickenIf you could change one thing in the worldPhotoblogging is the perfect alibi for an extramarital affairThe quintessential New Zealand bedtime activityBeware the seventh wavePost what I have, to hell with the qualityIt's walking on the beach time againI could never be in any AuthorityMoving the scumbags out of our houseNearly a bit of a pickleYeah, right now I should be somewhere over the pacificRound and RoundI've been 2 weeks without MarmiteDebian could have caused the end of my marriageIs it possible to not poop for 3 weeks? I just want it to be biggerAn unsightly bulge in my trousersWe need some new termsI would so get naked and roll around on itThe grass is always greener on the other side, unless the sign is wrongAmerica smells differentShould I wear colorful clothing?The damn kids are getting too smartDo you go for the re-grasp?It's ok, our lives continue on just the sameI feel like I've just been given a huge bonus in my payYou can do better than himI wouldn't want to be like youA small dose of obsession is good for meUS hospitals better or worse than NZ hospitalsSuperman is invulnerable. Not a drunk guyRest your lambIf my mom can understand it, everyone willWho is normal, you or me?How to handle telemarketers (nicely)Schumacher retires 3 laps before the end of the raceSome people look to be hopeless loversFillims and Jiggerbites and litres of concreteWould I allow the staff perform a maneuver on me?How the hell is a glass of water supposed to help?John the Baptist was Jesus' cobberThe New Zealand Dotterel tastes a little like chickenWho the hell does "formal entertaining" anymore?I'd sit on the fence if it didn't hurt my arse so muchPossible side effects may include...Centigrade is properly pronounced CELSIUSNicole Kidman might have caused me ligament damageNow you will know where I am, whenever you want to knowWhat the hell is up with all the Pandas?I've found the beautiful gameTwo coat hangers is a great gift ideaDebian gives me another bad case of the squirts...I compress the life of Ansel Adams into a single weekendCompare and Contrast online vs gallery exhibition photographyI can make better photos than a monkeyWhat the hell to say to my workmates?Time for an update, if you've been following along We have a new neighbor. He owns a Harley. Dammit!It's been raining for two weeksWho the hell are you? What's your name?Can't talk. Celebrating.I've decided Yahoo! and MSN are not worth the trafficApologies for the RSS shenanigansPublished Photos: 250Personalized search will never work. For me.There's a TV in the water supplyFlowers. The last refuge of the photoblogger that has nothingIt's still not worth taking the busThin and wispyWalking on the rocks at night is harder than you'd thinkblogDon't wake me if there is a tsunami on it's wayYorkshire Pudding is everything as good as I remember itWhat's your (camera) bag baby?Crossing his fingers, hoping the sea comes backHere is a lesson - MAKE BACKUPS OF YOUR WEBSITEPlace your bets nowThe Technology Gods take a giant dump on meAuckland City Council doesn't have a freakin cluePukekura Park in New Plymouth is snaz at night...Nothing but cloud since I bought the tripodWe've never seen a possum beforeFull moon, bright city lightsSo that's the way the stars turnWhat to do with old BMW TRX wheelsWaiting for the sponsorship emailIt is the season of the FungiWatch out for the fences, they biteBeach Road at nightOMFG, I have a new hobbyGot time for one more?Fennel is not food, it's a weedOld rusting truck at Port WaikatoParenting Tip # 219I love to feel the car working under meNot like a christmas tree left outside a tittie bar on the Las Vegas StripAuctions are good for adrenalineWhy are home pregnancy test kits so girly?So you think you're having a shit day?This is what I'll feel like tomorrowThe end of daylight saving sucksPicture me in an unbuttoned white linen shirtNokia, your programmers SUCK!Nothing about ointment hereHappy Birthday MaThou shalt not covetThe coffee table photography book shouldn't exist anymoreExpect to get thoroughly sick of thisRalph Thompson is the best optometrist in AucklandI have nothing...A Sunset. Somewhere.The morning paper and coffeeSo he's not a carnival anymoreSuch figures boggle the imaginationDonate your spleen, you buggersWhat do you get when you put string on a dead cow?Maybe I wasn't breast fed for long enoughIn a rut, uninspired, uncreative and with bloggers blockI'm making my own bloggersIs Mint a sexy dumb blonde or cunningly smart or both?A day of sparkling qualityI have lots of friends"How are you" is not a greetingI'm fizzing at the bungThe Technology Gods are smiling on meObsessed with Search Engine Optimization and RankingWill I ever be a billonaire?Bill Gates, try ordering a Kakapo Pizza. I bet you can't!Burning down the busHow to deliver a fart 15 metres awayThe only thing keeping the old biddy next door, next doorThanks for consuming my weekendLicking elbows is overratedIs my motorsport career finally over?The Linksys WAG54G sucks BIG TIME!There needs to be a public revolt over bacon in New ZealandBend over and take it up the arseI love the smell of fresh electronics in the morningGo to work or have another week off?Bill Bryson is arrestingly quixotic?Where is SH 1a if there is SH 1b?Firefox zealots are really starting to piss me offThird degree burns to 10% of my thumbDon't stand on Monopoly Hotels!There's Heineken and cookies under the treeWiping people out of existence is pretty simpleSmarter than the average bearsDancing must surely be the stupidest thingThe Pohutukawa are looking magnificentGabba doesn't think I'm a wildlife photographerIs RSS the clock on the microwave?I feel the honor of being dugg!Time Machine MusicWhy does ear wax smell so bad?Why do more people not want to hump my leg?I've had them for ages!The bloody animals are playing more games than I amAnd you thought Donald Duck not wearing any trousers was badSome P users give all P users a bad nameI'm a new convert to Circular PolarizersChecking the Bird Flu Survival KitSometimes I just wonder...The Russians love their children tooFancy a Shag?Commercial radio in New Zealand is inaneHow to not get killed on the roadsI haven't had my share of sexual partners!What is the value of an award?I survived Sarah's first Holy CommunionFireworks suck these daysYou were nobody unless you had a SpeedballThere is always shoes at an accidentI always have the wrong damn lens on the cameraPizza night gets better and betterKeeping the Giblets safe on the InternetI can reduce your fuel costs by 20%My week in WellingtonShe had such soft warm lips...It's all in the way you hold your tongueMa, we went to Dingle DellFlixonase is good for boobs apparentlyHow many is 4?I'd love to be able to play the DidgeridooThe Aussies to show the Americans how to do itWhat the hell is up with America?Should I be doing anything to protect the Giblets from the Bird Flu?Happy Birthday GabbaHe's stealing my SynergyEnjoy your Haz Mobile serviceI haven't taken a photo in nearly 2 weeks"Come home now, Robin's house is on fire"So random, so sudden and always surprisingWhat's with the eyebrow grooming?The price of petrol is not high enough yetJust got my arse kicked at Online GamingThe Blue BalloonWTF are the Exclusive Brethren?Spring has sprungThe setting sun is incredibleHappy Fathers Day, DenisHot water bottle and a bottle of olivesHere is a tip for you freaks... MOVE!Russ Darrow Kia, in Beeyewdiful MadisonAfter 30 years, everything had changed and everything was the sameTwo cliche's for the price of oneWhat's with the oranges?The renaissance of marmaladeThere should be a test for BMW ownership!Tributes are flowing in today...6000 expected to die of thyroid cancerThe bank really pisses me offFirst damn Comment Spam tonight dammitI have no contribution to the internet todayAll is right with the world, and dentist's give me the shitsI donThe next best thing to photographing naked womenI've been married to the same chick for 13 years todayDinner with the Haines, Lincolns, Fothergills and the PeacocksGetting a little creativeTonight we are talking about urinal etiquetteIts harder than you think!So I Married a Samoan Rugby PlayerRest in Piece Friday Night DrinksHappy Birthday EdCan you hear me now?Pick your feet up you losers (or is that loosers?)Symond Street Cemeteries without Gabba and the GibletsPlay Misty. For me.Feed the cat another budgieTwo milestones, one good, the other I am not sureWhat do women and noodles have in common?*The Lister Building, Victoria Street EastText message of the yearDavid Beckham needs a new speech writerI'm almost an expert in XFree86Thanks for the photos9 years of her lifeIn the mood to play gamesThe simple made difficultUnsticking stuck poo from drainsWhere is the divorce and dysfunction?Panadol packaging pisses me offYou lookin at me?A little bit hungover...I do not understand SmeagolWhy does TV news interview kids?Who Flung Dung?  Will He Fling More?I used juxtaposed in a sentence againI was looking at Jennifer Aniston's arseToilet seat up, or toilet seat downLack of motivation...Referral log spammers are bastardsI might burn down the church...Macro CactusOddly Shaped Feet and Crispy BaconVoicemail Sucks!More red and some reverse psychologyWhat nice tomato's you have Cara!Fixated with Power Lines?Speaking of Dog PooI am what I amMy macro lens purchase just got delayed again - DammitSpeak to me bad photograph!How watertight is a white ducks arse?*No Fishing. That means you china boy!Now this is an Indian SummerAlice, Alice?But is it art?His one was clearly bigger than mineFirst Game of RugbyCheese sauce is a metaphor for marriageLace or Textiles or FursAre we just flatmates living together?Dust on the Sensor DammitAmericans Are WealthierA lesson in Depth of FieldAnzac Day - We Remember William Reeves4 Daughters In The HouseThis Lesson Brought To You By The Vitamin, S1000th PhotoIs she really going out with him?What do Camels and John Tamihere have in common?Fly at Half Mast or Half Staff?Is This a Kiwi Gannet?Current Affairs FatigueThere are lots of idiots out thereMy View While Doing Number OnesBanana flowerGet Your Dog Here!Take Your Bloody Cell PhoneYou know it's mooning you?How do I look after this Cactus?Live and DieLook out for the sharks...Hard Yakka in the HeatLunchSears Tower From The BottomThis is why they drive SUV'sFootprintApples, In winter?Mmmm, ChiliNeither rain, nor sleet, nor dark of night...Sunset in the snowParanoiaA Funeral InsideMan Vs Nature3 Days of Sub ZeroMiller ParkObjectsI love Cordyline australis

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