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The next best thing to photographing naked women
NIKON D70 - 1/3200 sec, f 1.8 at 50 mm, ISO

The next best thing to photographing naked women

Photographing beer! I've decided I quite like photographing inanimate objects in the privacy of my own home. Although photographing beer gets more and more difficult the more you try and get the photo right. I took 79 photo's of this glass of beer. Actually, I think this was the third time this glass had been filled. It was getting more difficult as time wore on, so I called it a day at this one.

So I have an office here at home half filled with old computer crap, which I'll take to the dump. Then I'm gonna get me some munty shop lights, a lighting tent, a tripod and something to put it all on. then I'll be able to take photos of crap even when it raining and grey outside. Even better, I'll be able to direct connect the camera to the PC and see the results immediately. My new favorite photoblog has lots of shots taken inside. I'm not sure I'm going to spend my time taking photo's of forks though.

I knew I got rid of the fish for a reason. Now I have something new to spend my money on.

13 years and 1 day and my marriage is still going strong!

Captured: 2005:08:02 16:25:27
Posted: Tuesday, August 2, 2005, 5:15 pm


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