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The Blue Balloon
NIKON D70 - 1/500 sec, f 8 at 40 mm, ISO

The Blue Balloon

The kids have a book called the Blue Balloon, written by Mick Inkpen (if you can believe that). It's a delightful book with nice illustrations and a good story line and interesting pull out pages. Most importantly for any book you would ever want to read to your kids, it's short. Mercifully, it's very short. It takes about 4 minutes to read. Which after reading books to the kids for the last 9 years and reading the same stories over and over and over and over again, short is good.

The Blue Balloon was reviewed on the 9 to Noon show on Radio NZ about 6 years. I heard Kim Hill and one of her groupies reviewing it and thought it sounded like a fun story. So I ordered it from Flying Pig (may it rest in piece).

The book starts off

The day after my birthday party Kipper found a soggy blue balloon in the garden. It was odd because the balloons at my party were red and white. I blew it up.

Everytime I read that first page, I wonder if I should tell the giblets that they really should touch soggy balloons that a dog has found in the garden. And most importantly they shouldn't try blowing them up!

Perhaps I'm reading too much into Mick Inkpen's thinking.

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Posted: Thursday, September 8, 2005, 7:57 pm


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