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Enjoy your Haz Mobile service
NIKON D70 - 1/100 sec, f 16 at 34 mm, ISO

Enjoy your Haz Mobile service

Yesterday I took the 3 old car batteries that have been laying around the place for years to the Haz Mobile service. And what a bloody great service it is. There was cars queued out onto the street. When my turn came, I moved forward and a guy in orange overalls told me to head down lane 2. When I moved off he cheerily told me to "enjoy your haz mobile service". I thought it was a bloody odd thing to say, although in these days of enhanced customer service for everything, perhaps it was just right. So I moved forward down lane 2 and 3 other geeks in orange overalls ran up to the car, opened the boot (trunk) and yoinked the 3 batteries. I didn't even have to get out or anything. They cheerily told me "thanks and have a great Saturday" while they ran off with my batteries.

Next I headed over to Kauri Point to wander the tracks to see if there was anything worth photographing. There wasn't. But at least I got some exercise.

Captured: 2005:09:24 12:28:32
Posted: Sunday, September 25, 2005, 9:13 pm


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