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Happy Birthday Gabba
NIKON D70 - 1/2500 sec, f 4.5 at 44 mm, ISO

Happy Birthday Gabba

Today is Gabba's birthday. Happy Birthday my chopped salad!

The day started out average. I was summoned to a 7:30am conference call, which means I was 45 minutes late in making my wife breakfast in bed. Luckily 15 years of dedication to the job has conditioned my love to be patient when it comes to breakfast in bed and the like.

Tonight we went out to Daikoku, which is a Teppan Japanese restaurant. Sorry I can't link to anywhere to tell you more about it. I just plain refuse to link to any of the NZ restaurant review websites. Their URLs are so freakin nasty that they do not deserve any of my link lovin'.

In case you are not familiar with Teppan restaurants, a little japanses guy comes out and cooks your food right there at the table on a giant hot plate. It's a bloody great show as long as you only got here once every 10 years. The kids eyes were just bugging out when the chef did his Cocktail style show with the salt and pepper shakers, especially when he juggled the salt into his hat. It was an hour of good food, served hot, with good wine and atrocious, amatuer service. We'll be back for certain in 2015, or there abouts.

A previously photo gets used tonight. I've got so critical of my photo's now that I just plain can't post any. I guess I've become a victim of Flickr's Interestingness. Because I'm so inept at taking photo's and so many people are so good, I feel I shouldn't post anything.

On the other hand I say bugger them. Here is a photo of a tree I photographed at Wenderholm with my family. Bugger you lot!

Captured: 2005:07:10 15:38:07
Posted: Friday, September 30, 2005, 10:36 pm


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