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The Aussies to show the Americans how to do it
NIKON D70 - 1/60 sec, f 5.6 at 48 mm, ISO

The Aussies to show the Americans how to do it

As Rik would say, "Too many things happen in my life to be a coincidence". Nothing could be more true after yesterdays post. Tonight I was watching 3 Sport when some after match interviews were replayed from the Grand Final of Sunday night. They were bloody hilarious. Read some snippets of them here. The club apologised for the the players of course.

The photo is of some spooky, evil ice hanging off the office in Madison. I was just waiting for it to fall and pierce someone's skull and then for it to melt and for the cops to not know how it was done. The perfect crime. I think if I was gonna murder someone, it would be with a long icicle.

Captured: 2005:01:11 16:53:31
Posted: Wednesday, October 5, 2005, 7:03 pm


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