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Checking the Bird Flu Survival Kit
NIKON D70 - 1/30 sec, f 1.8 at 50 mm, ISO

Checking the Bird Flu Survival Kit

Tonight I checked our Bird Flu Survival Kit to see how Gabba is getting on. Gabba is currently in charge of our bird flu survival kit because she's the one that visits the dupermarket.

We've started to store some supplies so that when the Bird Flu Pandemic arrives we don't have to leave the house.

I thought we should start to get ready weeks and weeks ago. But it wasn't until Mrs McCallum mentioned they were storing a little food that Gabba decided I was right. I'm buggered if I know what Mrs McCallum has that I don't, but at least we've started.

So I was looking through what Gabba has purchased so far, and I find 2 small cans of Sealord Pick Salmon. WTF? I can't ever recall us having pink salmon in the pantry ever. Imagine this, we're in the middle of a plague. 10,000 Kiwi's are dying a week. And the Coopers are ok because they have pink salmon in the cupboard. I bet the looting hordes* will bypass the 10 tonnes of water stored in the backyard and will be scratching at the door trying to get our 420 grams of Sealord Canadian Pink Salmon.

*I only mention there will be looting as by my estimate, there must be enough American's in New Zealand now for looting to be a real possiblity.

On a somewhat related subject. Ali's budgie got sick this afternoon and just now died. While I was typing the above paragraphs, Gabba wandered up to the office with Daffodil (Ali's bird) and told me that it was dead. I immediately thought of the Monty Python's dead parrot sketch and wanted to say things like "No, no, no, he's resting" and "No, no, no, he's stunned", but now's probably not the right time for that. I don't know if it died from Bird flu. Perhaps we should quarantine the Cooper household until we know for sure.

Don't worry about us though. We have Pink Salmon in the cupboard!

Tonight's photo is of the side burner on the new barbeque. Mmmmmmmm. Flames!

Captured: 2005:11:24 19:49:25
Posted: Thursday, November 24, 2005, 9:23 pm


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