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Don't stand on Monopoly Hotels!
NIKON D70 - 1/250 sec, f 8 at 44 mm, ISO

Don't stand on Monopoly Hotels!

It freaking hurts. I outta know, I've got a hotel shaped bruise on the arch of my foot!

Christmas day was a much more normal Christmas this year compared to last year. The was the present opening of course and that was the same as last christmas. But there was also an hour's cricket on the back lawn. And then a couple of hours at the beach for the kids to have a swim. And then home for a kip in the afternoon while the giblets played with their new loot (leaving Monopoly pieces all over the floor, which I stood on later in the day). And then of course, the leg of lamb on the BBQ, baby potatos, beans, sparrow grass, Daniel Le Brun, strawbs and ice cream. Gabba orchestrated another perfect Christmas Day for us.

OK, I'm off to see what we can do today with the family. Have a good boxing day everyone!

Captured: 2005:12:25 14:11:04
Posted: Monday, December 26, 2005, 11:03 am


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