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"How are you" is not a greeting
NIKON D70 - 1/60 sec, f 9 at 50 mm, ISO

"How are you" is not a greeting

For the most part I don't really care how most people are, especially complete strangers, and I don't really care a great deal if they are interested in how I am either. Which is why the whole "How are you" as a form of greeting annoys the hell me. It's a habit people have got into when saying hello. I bet they really don't care how you are, it's just automatic.

Sales people calling me on the phone at work: "Hi, it's Bob here from Toilet Scrubbing Services here, How are you?" Sales Assistant in Teddy Bear Store in Tirau: "Hi, How are you? Can I help you with anything"

There is always the expectation that I have to say "I'm good" and "how are you" back as a compulsory greeting.

The problem is, I'm not always good, and frankly Bob, I don't give a rats arse if you are good or not. In fact I know that you are probably not good, just like me sometimes. But I'm certainly not going to tell you why I'm not good and I sure as hell don't care why you are not either.

So people. If you want to say hello, say hello. And if you really care, or want an honest answer, then ask how are you. But don't do it out of habit.

I really don't care how this cockroach is in the photo though. I found him crawling on my barbeque tonight. All I had to hand was my beer bottle. The last thing I wanted was to get cockroach insides on my beer, or on my BBQ. While I was off checking that the photo I took was publishable, the kids were checking out the trapped cockroach under the bottle. Of course they let him go which resulted in a lot of squealing and this being the only usable shot. I would have liked a slightly different angle. Nevermind.

Captured: 2006:01:31 18:54:42
Posted: Tuesday, January 31, 2006, 7:25 pm


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