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Take Your Bloody Cell Phone
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Take Your Bloody Cell Phone

Nothing on TV (of course) and Gabba is out at a PTA meeting (or PTFA is what they call it these days, buggered if I know why), and I have nothing to do. while wandering around the house trying to decide if it was too early to warm up the apple pie for dessert, the phone rang. The message relayed from the PTA meeting was that Gabba was stranded down at Mairangi Bay Woolworths. The car wouldn't start. $%#@&!

So I headed on over there to see what was up. I found Gabba walking back up the hill towards the school with a dozen beer and a bottle of wine. So thats what they do in PTFA meetings these days.

Gabba's brother had borrowed the battery from her car about 2 weeks ago, but didn't put it back in properly (!) when he'd finished and the earth lead had come completly off. I tightened it up and it started just fine.

On the way home the sunset was mostly over but I stopped the get a photo anyway. Sunsets last for about 5 minutes, so you have to be quick to get it at it's best. I was about 10 minutes to late for this one.

Posted: Tuesday, March 1, 2005, 8:39 pm


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