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What's your (camera) bag baby?
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What's your (camera) bag baby?

I need camera bag recommendations.

I'm starting to get a little weighed down like a camel on my photo gathering missions. Not only is my current bag (Lowepro Nova 1 AW) now chocka, I'm also having to carry stuff separately.

Yeah I should leave some stuff at home, but I just know I'll need it if I leave it there though. Not to mention I hate packing and repacking my bag every time I go out. And my camera goes everywhere with me. It is always within 100 metres of me. Partly because my beloved M535i is never more than 100 metres away from me.

This is what I currently carry.

This is the stuff I'd like to add if I had the arms or hands or a nubile photographic assistant that didn't talk or complain while I was gathering my photos.

So my legions of loyal readers, what say you? How do you carry all your gear? Any camera backpack suggestions? Mike, how the hell do you carry everything you have? What did you do on that recent whitewater mission of yours?

Update on the web server meltdown...
Almost everything is back to normal. I've lost some photos from late 2004 and early 2005 which I thought I had backed up on the server only to find they were my only copy. And 1 month's worth of data from the house (power use and temperature data). Not so bad given the very informal backups I used to have.

The photo
A rain squall over Hauraki Gulf last week. That's Long Bay in the bottom right corner. The white blown out bit in the lower left corner is bothering me. My potatoshop skills aren't good enough to remove it though. Please ignore it.

Posted: Monday, May 1, 2006, 10:27 pm


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