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I can make better photos than a monkey
NIKON D70 - 1/125 sec, f 13 at 70 mm, ISO

I can make better photos than a monkey

I received an email on Friday from a complete stranger that told me, among other things, that my photos are nothing special, that anyone could have taken them, that my composition lacks flair, that I don't have an eye for photography and that a monkey could take better photos than me.

I absolutely refute that criticism on 2 counts.

  1. A monkey does not have the capability to procure Schott crystal wine glasses
  2. A monkey could not get glace cherries home without eating them
  3. I can count better than monkeys

The rest of the criticism may be true, but I defy any monkey to get the above photograph based on those 2 facts.

Oh yeah, to my critic... The shift key is on both sides of the keyboard. It's good for getting capital letters at the beginning of sentences and the start of names etc. And your PC clock is out by around 4 hours. That's pretty easy to fix too. Otherwise, thanks for the constructive criticism. It was most helpful and uplifting and supportive!

The Photo
While Gabba was out at the PTA, I played with all sorts of lighting to try and get a photo of anything that a monkey could not. I figured crystal and sweet sweet confectionery would do the trick.

Captured: 2006:06:06 21:31:19
Posted: Tuesday, June 6, 2006, 9:56 pm
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