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I've found the beautiful game
NIKON D70 - 61 sec, f 8 at 70 mm, ISO

I've found the beautiful game

Did you see the highlights package of the Argentina Vs. Serbia Montenegro game?

Damn but it was good. The first goal came after 24 passes! The skills were a wonder to behold. The highlights of the game, along with witty, pithy commentary from the highlights guy (who was probably a washed up sportsman himself) lasted about 45 seconds and every single one of them was superb.

Diego Maradona even managed an appearance and it looked like he was on hardly any drugs at the time too!

Bugger watching for all 90 minutes. Football (soccer) is so much better as highlights I've decided

The Photo
Rangitoto Island silhouetted by the moon the other night.

Captured: 2006:06:15 20:57:28
Posted: Saturday, June 17, 2006, 6:49 pm


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