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Centigrade is properly pronounced CELSIUS
NIKON D70 - 1/400 sec, f 3.5 at 18 mm, ISO

Centigrade is properly pronounced CELSIUS

The correct name for the measurement of temperature (at least in the modern world and all first world countries) is degree Celsius.

The term centigrade was replaced by Celsius waaay back in 1948.

I was watching the F1 race last night. The commentator kept going on about how hot the brakes were. Apparently 900 degrees centigrade. I wondered where the hell he was getting centigrade from as there was no way he was schooled before 1948. I wonder how long it took for teachers to start teaching the correct name?

The Photo
A stand of trees on the edge of Makarau Forest. I'm loving the low winter sun as the Circular Polarizer seems to do a much better job. Or at least a more aggressive job.

Gotta go, dinner is being served. Mmmmmm, Potato and Corn soup!

What did you have for dinner today?

Captured: 2006:06:25 13:31:26
Posted: Wednesday, June 28, 2006, 5:49 pm


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