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Post what I have, to hell with the quality
NIKON D70 - 1/2 sec, f 25 at 25 mm, ISO

Post what I have, to hell with the quality

Every now and then I take a photo that I'm really happy with. Then for the next month I take photos at my normal level of ability. And I struggle to be happy with them and really can't even bring myself to look at them much. 70 photos, 9 are in focus, only 3 of them have a real subject and only 1 of them is even worth considering.

But tonight I kind of decided (again) to hell with that malarky. If it's good enough for Karen to post a picture every day for year (she's only done 7 so far), good and bad (eventually one will be bad) then I can post anything and everything too.

Somewhat unrelated to that, Gabba poured herself a glass of the cooking sherry tonight while she was preparing dinner. Read into that what you may. I offer no explanation, only the observation.

The Photo
It's The Tor. I went down to the beach at sunset tonight. There was nothing worth taking a photo of. But at least I got an hour to myself on the beach.

Captured: 2006:11:21 02:51:03
Posted: Tuesday, November 21, 2006, 10:39 pm
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