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It's so totally random and cool
NIKON D70 - 5 sec, f 22 at 22 mm, ISO

It's so totally random and cool

It's Sarah's half birthday today. She's is exactly ten and a half. I told her that I walked half way to the store to buy her half a birthday present. Unfortunately, I've started to notice that as she gets older, the age difference between us is really starting to turn into a huge yawning gap.

I was IMing with her the other day and I found myself constantly (and uncoolly) correcting her "IM speak". It seems I'm trying to hold off the shortened IM spelling as long as I can before I lose her to a whole new language that only people with perfect skin can understand.

Tonight at the dinner table she was telling us about what they are doing in art at school. "Guess what we are doing in art?" she asked, "it's so totally random, but cool" she told us as she explained they are making camels out of egg cartons. For the moment, she is trapped between being a kid happy with camels made in part from egg cartons and like, totally a whole new, like language!

It's likely she's getting it from her friends at school. But I really reckon it's possibly also the evil fricken Disney Channel on TV with their stupid pre-teen programming.

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You've seen it all before.

Captured: 2006:11:22 20:26:59
Posted: Thursday, December 14, 2006, 6:34 pm


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