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Roller skates with wooden wheels
NIKON D70 - 25 sec, f 7.1 at 35 mm, ISO

Roller skates with wooden wheels

Back when my Nana and Pop lived in Gisborne, in the house they had lived in for 40 years (waiting for my Ma to correct me here), I can remember hanging on the wall of the garage was a very old pair of roller skates. They had wooden wheels and leather straps and buckles to strap them onto the bottom of your shoes. The wheels were so old the wood had split and the leather looked worse than an old persons neck skin.

There was plenty of other old crap in Pop's garage but I could never understand why the hell he kept such a useless bit of junk hanging on the wall.

Down in my garage I have a cupboard that has about 20 ice cream containers full of old stuff I haven't been able to bring myself to throw away on the basis that I just know I'm going to need them one day.

Tonight I was looking for a switch I knew I had laying around. It's black with a red button and will be perfect for my project. All I needed to do was to find it in one of those ice cream containers. So I grabbed me a beer and started the hunt for it.

In my stash of important things I found:

It occurred to me part way through the search why Pop had those skates hanging on the wall. He never knew when he might need a pair of buggered roller skates from the 1940s.

And I never know when I might need a rotor out of the distributor of a 1969 Mk1 Escort. Oh, I still got a rotor out of the Tii dizzie too if anyone wants one.

The Photo
Normally I'm not much of a fan of taking the family with me to get photos. I generally feel rushed and I fear that I'm boring them when I spend half an hour to get a photo. But tonight there was no problem at all. We were all gob smacked by Comet McNaught over Auckland city, viewed from Mount Victoria.

UPDATE: I didn't find the switch. I'm buggered if I know where it is. So I'll head off to buy a new one. Perhaps in 30 years I'll stumble over it again.

Captured: 2007:01:22 21:50:00
Posted: Monday, January 22, 2007, 10:55 pm
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