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Is there such a thing as an Undie Comet?
NIKON D70 - 15 sec, f 29 at 70 mm, ISO

Is there such a thing as an Undie Comet?

On the subject of comets, let me regale you with my story and then you can answer my question.

For years and years (probably 13 or 15 years), when it was bedtime, I'd just get out of my clothes, let them fall to the floor where I stood and then jump in bed. It was easy and simple and no fuss (for me at least). Magically those clothes would then do what they did and ultimately they'd appear back in drawer or closet ready for me to start them again on the magical tour that is my day.

Then a little while back Gabba got all crazy and bought a "laundry hamper/basket" thing that appeared in the corner of the bedroom. For a bit I rebelled and spurned it. Then I realized there was a new bedtime game to play and now I actually look forward to getting undressed at the end of the day.

First the socks come off and rolled into little balls and then thrown across the room. I attempt to do the 2 wall rebound thing by bouncing them off both walls and then into the hamper. They make a well satisfying thud on the wall. Cool.

Next comes the shirt, which is a bit of a lottery. Sometimes it stays in a rolled up ball and flies happily into the basket. Other times it pops open like a parachute and sails in all sorts of directions. I'm particularly happy if I can throw it into the small gap between hamper and wall. That's skill my friend!

My trousers come off and are neatly flopped somewhere so that no creases appear.

Then comes the dilemma part. Not only for me but for you too as this is about where you start to think about me being naked - Wahoo!!!1

I can't decide if I should scrunch up my undies and throw them across the room or walk them over and place them carefully in the laundry basket. If I throw them I have this mental picture of them looking a little like a comment with all sorts of undie related "stuff" coming off them. Kind of like the tail of a comet. Another part of me thinks that's stupid. Any undie related stuff should be well stuck on by the end of the day.

What do you think?

The Photo
Auckland city.

Captured: 2007:01:22 21:11:04
Posted: Tuesday, January 23, 2007, 8:45 pm


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