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New Zealand is NOT Australia
NIKON D70 - 101.2 sec, f 8 at 29 mm, ISO

New Zealand is NOT Australia

I've spent the entire evening in front of the TV with my wife. While the ads are on (between House and Boston Legal) I popped into the office to see if there was any email worth reading or Google Feed Reader had served me up anything tasty. The only thing that comes close is Darren blaming Table Tennis as the reason he's only blogged twice this year.

After reading that, I checked my site stats and found a new referrer. Cool. Referrers mean a new link and a new blog to look at.

Except much to my dismay, I find I'm in the Australian Photoblogs section of the blogroll on that site (you have to scroll way way down).

So on one hand I'm pretty happy with a new link and chuffed that I made it to another blogroll, especially with the caliber of the other photobloggers there. And on the other, a little bummed I didn't warrant my own New Zealand section.

The Photo
Gabba was supposed to spend some quality time with me out on the footpath (sidewalk) tonight while the giblets watched the Simpsons. Instead she got sidetracked with YouTube and I stood out there on my own. It's the power pole at the end of our drive. Yawn.

Captured: 2007:04:10 19:34:38
Posted: Tuesday, April 10, 2007, 9:48 pm


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