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Eat a low fat diet and get some exercise
NIKON D70 - 10 sec, f 20 at 44 mm, ISO

Eat a low fat diet and get some exercise

I haven't felt right for a few weeks. I haven't felt sick or in any pain or anything like that. I just haven't been right. That, combined with a loss of feeling in a little toe, I was beginning to think something might be wrong.

So I went to visit the doc last week to see what he thinks, given he's the expert. He poked my toe with a pin and then ordered some blood tests.

Today the nurse called me to tell me there isn't much wrong with my blood. Although she did give me some very bad news. Not bad news in that I had in inoperable tuber. But the bad news that I had a slightly elevated level of cholesterol. Then she told me that I had to eat a low fat diet, get regular exercise and that they'd test me again in 3 months.Shit.

I'd got to almost 40 years old without ever worrying about what I ate or what I drank. I'm not a fat bastard by any stretch. I am an unfit bastard though, thats for certain. It has been 25 years since I last did any regular exercise.

But it's not the time in my life when I want to be making any life changing actions. Eating healthy and exercising is for other people. Other fat people.

The Photo
Nothing is as good for the soul at a time like this, than to get out in the dark and take some photos. It's a bus stop that was behind me, across the road from the actual subject of tonight's shoot. It always pays to turn around from what you are pointing the camera at to see what's back there.

And now I can't decide if I should have a plate of chocolate ice cream while I surf my favorite photoblogs.

Captured: 2007:04:17 21:00:26
Posted: Tuesday, April 17, 2007, 9:42 pm


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