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A complete ripoff follows critical acclaim
NIKON D70 - 6 sec, f 11 at 18 mm, ISO

A complete ripoff follows critical acclaim

Somewhat to my surprise, my last photo was received to some critical acclaim. I nearly didn't publish it because I thought it was ordinary and "try hard". But there is no accounting for what other people like. I thank those of you that commented for your nice comments.

The problem with posting a good photo is that it's hard to follow up, knowing that you're only as good as your latest work. But today, I say bugger that. I'll just rip off 2 other peoples ideas.

This morning, Seriocomic posted a photo that probably took some daring and risk. I opined in the comments that a tripod would be a good idea (read safer) and offered a link from Flickr as proof.

Tonight while eating my dinner, I thought I would give that shot a crack with a tripod to see what happens. Above is what happened.

Some points to note from that photo

Points to note for next time I try this. Clean the windscreen. Use a wider lens. Find a better, more interesting bit of road than Milford. Use Gabba's car that doesn't have all the problems mine has.

Captured: 2007:04:19 19:07:59
Posted: Thursday, April 19, 2007, 7:48 pm
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