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Yep, still an amatuer
NIKON D70 - 30 sec, f 5 at 18 mm, ISO

Yep, still an amatuer

I couldn't make up my mind if I should get out tonight to get the shot I had planned 3 weeks ago of the lunar eclipse. It was raining and as cloudy as you'd expect when it's actually raining. Then the moon would come out and the stars just to tease me that I'd miss a great photo of a red moon.

After the most recent lesson of being a dick and not getting out with my camera, I thought to hell with it and drove up to Warkworth to the Satellite Earth Station.

It rained the whole 45 minutes drive up there and was raining as I sat in the parking lot waiting for the spooks to get me. It cleared up a little so I decided to go trespassing on a farmers land to get a better angle.

I poked the camera on the tripod, made all the right settings. I hunted for the camera remote control for some bulb shots, putting it in my pocket so that I knew where it was. And then wandered over to the fence to get into the muddy paddock.

Which is when I realized I hadn't brought my flashlight. What a dumbarse.

By the light of the (now fading) moon I set the lens to focus on infinity and got ready to take some shots, only to not be able to find the remote. I checked every pocket 3 times, to come to the conclusion that I'd lost it. Shit you bloody klutz. So I was limited to 30 second exposures for the rest of the night.

After 15 minutes, I'd talked myself into fearing the noises and the spooks in the dark and decided a retreat to the car was a good idea. Which wasn't all that bad as it immediately started to rain again.

So that was my lunar eclipse photography attempt. Fucken amateurish, still. How was yours?

The Photo
Cloud covering the eclipse up at the Warkworth Satellite Earth Station

As an aside, to the PV family, the C family is thinking of you. We have no other words, just that.

Captured: 2007:08:28 21:15:23
Posted: Tuesday, August 28, 2007, 11:11 pm
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