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Yes, they do leave the flags in over night
NIKON D70 - 186.4 sec, f 4.2 at 35 mm, ISO

Yes, they do leave the flags in over night

I woke up in about 3:30am (ish) this morning wondering if the flags are left in the holes on golf courses overnight. I have no idea what I was dreaming about but one moment I was asleep and the next thinking about flags.

I lay there wondering about the logistics of rounding all 18 flags up at night and then distributing them again in the morning.

The logistics then led me to the economics of getting them in overnight compared to losing the odd flag to burglars. I tried to cost up a flag in my head, but it was hopeless. I couldn't decide if I should make them out of fiberglass or carbon fiber.

I was briefly worried about the possibility that by leaving them out we'd armed vandals with a weapon that they could dig up those beautiful greens with. But it did occur to me that there is plenty of sticks laying about so I was less worried about the vandals then. Bastards.

This consumed me to the point that I couldn't get back to sleep.

The Photo
So that I don't lay awake wondering tonight, I took a wander with the youngest giblet up to the end of the road to the golf course to check it out for myself. I can confirm that they do indeed leave the flags in the holes overnight.

It's a 3 minute exposure of the flag and cup at the 14th green (par 4) of the Pupuke Golf Club

Captured: 2007:09:21 20:17:37
Posted: Friday, September 21, 2007, 9:17 pm


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