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I'll live my life my way, thanks
NIKON D70 - 110.8 sec, f 4 at 31 mm, ISO

I'll live my life my way, thanks

Tonight will watching the news on TV, we were subjected to a metric arse load of NZ government funded TV commercials telling us how to live our lives...

First there was a commercial telling us how to raise our children. Call an 800 number to receive free tips on being involved with your children.

Then came an ad about how to stop smoking. Again with the Government's help. Just call the quitline for free stop smoking drugs, support and information.

Next was an ad telling us we drink too much. I don't really understand their tag line "It's Not The Drinking; It's How We're Drinking". I drink the normal way, out of a glass?!

Then came an ad warning us to watch out for the signs of problem gambling and how to get help for ourselves or someone we know.

And then an ad imploring us to treat people with mental illness with respect. I note the PC way to refer to someone with mental illness these days is that they "have experience with mental illness".

Oh yeah, then I was begged not to drive across level crossings without stopping because a train might really bugger up my day. Tonight we missed out on all the slow down and don't drive drunk advertising. As an aside, I actually change channel when you run those ads, every single time!

The brain washing was way too much for me, so I retreated to my man cave. A place where the kids aren't allowed to go, where I'll drink as much as I damn well please, how ever I please, straight out of the bottle even. Here I'll gamble if I want and go so fast that I smoke a little bit. It's fine for me to be completely mental in my man cave and there is no chance I'll be hit by a train.

The big problem is that while I'm sitting here, paying my taxes, the fucken Govt with their over supply of bloody wank consultants will no doubt be inventing another way to spend my tax dollars telling me how bad and unsafe the internet is. Piss off you bastards, get out of my living room and stop spending my money. I'll live my life my own way without you telling me how.

Can anyone tell me why, with only one exception, every one of the above website URLs 302 redirects to a different URL. What the hell is with some web devs?

The Photo
Another from my trip to the golf course the other night. I painted the flag and the green with my flashlight. I couldn't decide if I should darken the background trees and sky.

UPDATE: I decided to remove the background trees and sky. They added nothing to the image. I like this better.

Captured: 2007:09:21 20:23:43
Posted: Tuesday, September 25, 2007, 7:55 pm


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