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Are we just flatmates living together?
NIKON D70 - 1/100 sec, f 1.8 at 50 mm, ISO

Are we just flatmates living together?

What a boring weekend. Weekends have got very boring around here. I'm not working anything like the hours I was before we went to the USA, so now I seem to have a huge amount of time that I have to fill in with other things.

I can see why people take up redecorating their homes or just go buy new houses. It's time consuming and so fill in their otherwise empty lives. Sigh.

While complaining to Gabriel about something this afternoon, the subject of which won't get mentioned here, I told her that we are just flatmates living together, (I was joking). She said we can't be flatmates as flatmates do things together. Ok, Ok. So we went out and did some things together.

We took a drive up to Orewa for the kids to play at the park. Sarah got shat on by a seagull which didn't impress her one little bit. Then we went for lunch at a cafe, where the food wasn't as cheerful as the man behind the counter, but the coffee was good. Then to a Fruit and Veggie store that looked exactly like every other Fruit and Veggie store everywhere else. What is it with those people? Do none of them have any sense of originality?

Captured: 2005:05:01 15:36:14
Posted: Sunday, May 1, 2005, 4:08 pm


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