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Only if we shave the pig first
NIKON D70 - 1/500 sec, f 8 at 70 mm, ISO 320

Only if we shave the pig first

Last night we finally got around to planning our Christmas day celebrations.

Of course it involves the barbeque. It wouldn't be a proper Christmas day unless the bbq was involved. I pity the poor sods in the northern hemisphere that have no concept of what a normal Christmas Day is like, stuck inside because of the snow and cold.

And of course we'll go down to the beach for a swim at some point. Christmas isn't Christmas unless you've been in the ocean and got sand inside your places that shouldn't have sand in them.

There was some negotiation about what time is an acceptable time to wake up. Not too early but not so late it buggers up breakfast, lunch or dinner. 8:00am was the agreed time.

And then came the menu. A big lump of dead pig was eventually decided upon after all the various animal options were carefully considered. Mmmmmm, crackling.

However, the last time we had pork there was still some pig hairs left on the skin which the daughters didn't think was very cool at all.

So think of me on Christmas day. I'll be shaving a pig before it hits the hot plate.

The Photo
It's the youngest daughter going for a swim. Sun to the left, SB800 perched on the edge of the pool on the right and 1/4 power.

Captured: 2007:12:16 14:08:12
Posted: Monday, December 17, 2007, 7:38 pm
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