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Apparently, I have a penis bone...
NIKON D70 - 1/1000 sec, f 4.5 at 18 mm, ISO 200

Apparently, I have a penis bone...

Our first born giblet (child) has a a real thirst for knowledge. She's always reading science books of one kind or another, books about the human body, books about volcanoes and eruptions and the universe, the Guinness Book of World records and of course Women's Day and Woman's Weekly. You know, all the main sciences. She just can't get enough facts.

Last night before bed, she was reading her latest scientific find from the liberry which, in part, had a drawing of a human skeleton with all the bones accounted for along with a bone count of each. She had the calculator out and was adding up the numbers of bone groups (rib bones, ear bones, knee bones etc) to get at the total number of bones in the human body. 206, if you aren't smarter than a 10th grader.

Anyway, she tried to tell me that adults have more bones than kids. She's bloody 12 and she knows much better about that kind of stuff than her dad at 40 could ever hope to know. I got tired of the argument and turned her light out and told her she should go to sleep.

Tonight, I tried to convince her that we all have the same number of bones, from baby to adult (discounting of course the technicality of new born baby's craniums not being totally fused). I asked her to name a single bone I had that she didn't, to which she replied, that I had a penis bone and she didn't. Either because she is a girl or not an adult was beside the point, I had a penis bone and she did not - case closed.

The Photo
My family at Cape Reinga, in front of the sign that bloody tourists have snapped off all the other cities as souvenirs. They are the best family in the world! All other families suck, compared to mine. So there.

Captured: 2008:01:24 09:53:02
Posted: Tuesday, June 24, 2008, 7:48 pm
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