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Fixated with Power Lines?
NIKON D70 - 1/500 sec, f 10 at 70 mm, ISO

Fixated with Power Lines?

My last 3 photos have all had power lines in them. I actually spied these shoes hanging on the wires on the same day Stray Matter posted his Walking on Air shot. I think I've waited a respectful amount of time before posting mine, although his has much more atmosphere I think.

Not that I intend to post much of anything about the internet here, but I stumbled on something very cool and damn useful today. I use the same login and variations of the same password all over the internet. Have for years and years, which must easily mean hundreds of sites with the same user name and password. It's been bothering me of late, and today I found this sweet solution. It's a neat tool that easily gives you a unique password for every site you create an account on. Here is a short screencast that explains it all in very simple language. Even my mother could grasp it. I use my Ma as a barometer on whats good on the internet and what is still hyped by geeks. Good on ya Ma!

Captured: 2005:05:23 13:03:18
Posted: Monday, May 23, 2005, 6:51 pm


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