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Play Misty. For me.
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Play Misty. For me.

Lots of little stuff for today.

Sarah named the bird (a male bird) Misty. Yep, it's a bird. And a Male. And it's now called Misty. I'm torn between allowing her to name her bird what ever she likes, and knowing that it's only a bird and not that important in the scheme of the cosmos, and saving her from an embarrassing look from everyone she tells.

Oh yeah. Not only is she so freeeeeeeeaaaakin hot, but she also shoots with a Nikon, just like me. Of course I know it's paid placement by Nikon, but I'm so turned on but the hottie holding a Nikon camera! And if we ever meet, we'd have something in common to talk about, before I gave her my best shot at seducing her.

Funny things you find when you're not looking. Search for XML on Google Images and see what you find. And then when you've done that, search for stick man and check out the first image. Just click on it to see it full size. Bloody hilarious, that 2 searches for innocuous stuff returns 2 odd images.

Godammit. I scratched the car on the garage door as I backed out this morning. I've scratched the paint off the wheel arch. I'm pretty bloody pissed off about it too. I blame Gabba. She made me wait for 35 minutes in the dark last night because I didn't have a key. And because I had to park the car outside the garage, when I put it away it went in on an odd angle. The only saving grace is that the arch is part of the body kit and it just unscrews so should be fairly easy to repaint.

Gabba, I ripped my trousers today. Could you please stitch them up again?

David, you carry your camera everywhere you go apparently. Get published. Hosting is only USD$7 a month. Yep, she talks about you at the office ;-)

And finally, the above photo is one of Prince William's body guards. He seemed a little weedy to me.

Posted: Friday, July 15, 2005, 6:27 pm


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