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Can you hear me now?
NIKON D70 - 1/1600 sec, f 4.5 at 70 mm, ISO

Can you hear me now?

I wonder what it was like back when the telephone was first invented. I wonder if every phone conversation started with "Hello? Are you there? Can you hear me? Can you hear me now?". The emergence of VOIP and Skype in particular, I'm guessing, is somewhat like a reinvention of long distance voice conversation (which is insidentally what telephone means did you know? - Greek: tele = far away and phone = voice). Now I can talk anywhere in the world completely for free, over the internet, using my PC. But it amuses me at the office that still, in 2005, "are you there?" and "can you hear me now?" are questions often heard as we move from the telling bone to the Internet. I look forward to when Skype is as ubiquitous and reliable as the ordinary phone is now.

I thought the above photo was pretty average, until I saw that my new favorite photoblog published one just like it which means I'm ok publishing my own! If you ignore the copious demonstration photo's (which get a little monotonous) Centricle is damn fine.

We've got a damn rabbit staying with us at the moment. It's flopping about the house sniffing everything. I reckon it would be better as a hat.

Incredibly, we're out of ice cream here, so it's Famouse Grouse for dessert tonight. I refuse to link to their site because it's so appalling. I'm embarrassed to drink their cheap scotch now that I know because they have such a fundamentally crap idea of how to use the internet. It's almost so bad that I may have to change to some other cheap scotch. Can anyone recommend a good quaffing scotch instead of the Grouse?

Captured: 2005:07:17 13:33:11
Posted: Tuesday, July 19, 2005, 7:04 pm


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