2010 Snapshots

2009 Snapshots

2008 Snapshots
Random snaps, not many though, of our 2008

2007 Snapshots
Candid snapshots from 2007, mostly family related stuff you'd find in a photo album

2006 Snapshots
Photos taken in 2006. Mostly the family, but also other snapshots of nothing in particular, mostly not blogworthy
Hangi - September 2006The office had a hangi22

The Coopers in the USA
September 2004What we did in September25
October 2004What we did in October37
November 2004What we did in November23
December 2004What we did in December58
January 2005What we did in January39

2005 Snapshots
Photo's taken in 2005

China - 1999
Hong Kong3 days in Hong Kong and Kowloon17
Guangzhou5 days in Guangzhou14
Beijing4 days in Beijing40

The Cars
BMW Alpina C2The E30. Now gone, but much loved4
BMW E28 M535i (White)BMW E28 M535i31
Ford Escort Rally CarFord Escort Rally Car16
BMW 2002 Tii1971 BMW 2002 Tii4
BMW E28 M535i (Green)1987 BMW E28 M535i7
BMW E28 528i1986 BMW E28 528i2

Misc images